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Allergy Policy
Allergies to a variety of foods—notably nuts—as well as food preferences, such as vegetarianism, are becoming more common. Some allergies are so severe that even breathing in the aroma of the food (e.g. peanut butter) can be life threatening to allergic children and adults.

Nutritional concerns also affect the food we serve at the center. We serve a well-balanced variety of kid-friendly foods. Because of this, we believe that occasional birthday treats or other less “healthful” food choices are appropriate in our programs.

When parents of children with food allergies provide alternative foods such as soy milk, lactose-free cheese, or other substitutions, these must be labeled with the child’s name and date opened.

Kid Builders will make reasonable efforts to accommodate all special food needs and preferences. Because we are a group setting, this policy requires cooperation from all parents. Our goal is to keep snack preparations practical while respecting individual differences and keeping all children safe. We appreciate your help toward achieving this goal.

Food Preferences

If a comparably priced, easily found substitution for a menu item is available, it may be purchased for the entire center. Food preferences will be accommodated on a child-by-child basis if a comparably priced, easily found substitution is not available. For example, a vegetarian child may be given tomato sauce without meat on spaghetti.

If you have religious or lifestyle dietary restrictions, please speak with the center director and teachers about what this will mean for your child in our program.

Food Allergies 

Allergy accommodations will be made on a child-by-child basis if the condition is not severe or life threatening. For example, a child with a wheat allergy will be given alternative foods when the menu calls for wheat bread or crackers. When substitutions are not easily available, parents may be asked to provide other suitable choices for their child.

Allergies that are a major health problem will be posted on classroom doors.

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